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Mail and Fax Files Missing (Control Panel)

Tom Mortensen_1
Occasional Visitor

Mail and Fax Files Missing (Control Panel)

I am unable to select an e-mail program out of IE.
When I go to Internet Options and then Program, ther is nothing listed as a
Mail program.
Going to the Control Panel, Mail & Faxes, I get an error response.

I have a Win 98 Recovery Disk but need help mapping out
the exact recovery path.

Thanks, Tom Mortensen

Re: Mail and Fax Files Missing (Control Panel)

Which Email client did you have before the problems started?

One option is to install Outlook 98 or Outlook Express. Outlook Express is part
of the IE setup, so you can pick it up from there. Once installed, the first
time you run it it will ask if you want it to be your default Mail manager. Say
Yes. from now on, it will show up under Internet options/programs as the Email

You can also check the registry, under local_machine\software\clients\mail and
see what is the default value, and what other clients are registered.
Dennis Ng
Regular Advisor

Re: Mail and Fax Files Missing (Control Panel)

Reinstall this from Control Panel | Add Remove Programs.

You may want to do step by step:
Remove (even those are not showing)
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