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Max size of FA32 System

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Max size of FA32 System


Which is the maximum size of FA32 System?
Howto format USB stick 64GB to get full size?
Shoghi Martinez G.
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Re: Max size of FA32 System

Depending of your system, there is a limitation on the windows 2000 format utility that can only create 32GB, this is also true for Windows XP partitions, the windows 98/ME utility can create 127GB partitions.

Believe it or not Microsoft says that if you want to use more than 32GB for FAT32, boot from and win98 or ME media!!!!!!!

Read this:
and this:

Also you can use an external utility:

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Re: Max size of FA32 System

I've formated USB stick 64GB using FAT32 on the XP SP3.
Now, if I try to copy a 6.79GB file to this USB stick, I'm getting this error:

The disk in the destination drive is full.

I've formated again using NTFS and now it seems to work.
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Re: Max size of FA32 System

This happens, because FAT32 doesn't accept files bigger than 4GB.