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Memory for the HP 8100

Gregory Deward
Occasional Visitor

Memory for the HP 8100

I need to know if this printer can have more than 192 MB of RaM installed. Also
how do they come up with this figure.
Our configuration on dimms is
slot 1 Side 1:8MB
Side 2: Empty
Slot 2 Side 1: 32MB
Side 2: 32MB
Slot 3 Side 1: 32MB
Side 2: 32MB
This equals a total of 152MB which means that somewhere
on the mother board there has to be 16 MB.

Question 1
Can Slot 1 be replaced with a 64MB dimm like slots 2 and 3?

Question 2
Does HP or Kingston make a 128 MB dimm and can this printer handle more than
192 MB?


Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Memory for the HP 8100

Hello Greg,

Thanks for posting the question but I think you will get an answer for this in
the Printer forums since this is a hardware/spec question and not related to
Microsoft products. I'll include the link for you to post your question in the
appropriate printer forum.

Jamie Hughes