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Re: More Info on KERNEL32.DLL Problems

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Jeremy Yeakey
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More Info on KERNEL32.DLL Problems

First of all thanks for the reply to my cry for help... The OS i am running is WIN/ME. I have been having this problem for a while... really ever since i got this new computer 2 months ago. I haven't installed any patches. Or i don't think i have... What is a patch. If it helps I have a HP Pavilion 8755C model computer.
And if i were to copy the kernel32.dll from another computer how would i go about doing that?... Sorry for my lack of knowledge in the computer world... but i am attending school and hoping to beter myself in this field... Thanks again for the help.
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Re: More Info on KERNEL32.DLL Problems

to copy kernel32.dll you need the following:
- another PC with Win/ME on it
- a formatted floppy

Do the following:
- locate the other PC from which you want to copy the kernel32.dll file and start the explorer
- right click on C: in the left pane and select Search
- type in kernel32.dll
- once kernel32.dll has been found right click it and select Properties, Version. Note the version number. Repeat this action on your own PC to check that you're going to copy the same kernel32.dll version to your PC.
- click Cancel, right click kernel32.dll again and select Copy
- insert the floppy in the floppy drive
- click the Up button in the button bar
- double click My Computer and locate Drive A:
- right click in the right pane and select Paste
- once the file has been copied remove the floppy and insert it in your computer
- open explorer, locate drive A:, right click kernel32.dll and select Copy
- right click drive C: and search on drive C: for kernel32.dll. make a note of the directory where the file resides
- from My Computer move to the right directory, right click the right pane and select Paste to copy the kernel32.dll
- reboot

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