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My Pavilion 6640c is constantly locking up!

Ross Judd
Frequent Advisor

My Pavilion 6640c is constantly locking up!

why is it that this computer is always locking up or (hanging)?
I have invested 100's of $$ in more memory (3-128meg chips) and to no avail! it still says I have not enough! Crashes are commonplace, it hangs up and you can't even shut down properly! locks up when CTRL,ALT+DEL as well. THIS THING IS ONLY FOUR MONTHS OLD!
I'm not very happy with HP 6640c or this so called forum that has no answers to anything!
Jamie Hughes
Honored Contributor

Re: My Pavilion 6640c is constantly locking up!

Hi Ross,

Sorry you're having trouble. You should post a question in the Pavilion forum since you're having so much trouble.

You can access their forum by clicking the link under "Useful Links" that says Customer Care for Pavilion users. That will take you to their forums. Or you can call them at 208-323-4663.