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My Pavillion ze 2000 freezes when using usb

Becca Wortham
Occasional Visitor

My Pavillion ze 2000 freezes when using usb

What can I do to stop my laptop from freezing when I insert anything into the usb port? I mostly use IPOD and now when I plug it into the port the computer freezes.

Re: My Pavillion ze 2000 freezes when using usb

Hi Becca,

the following could be the possible causes.

corrupt device drivers for the USB controllers.

BIOS related issue.

try the following to re install the USB drivers.

. Right-click the My Computer icon and select Properties.
2. Select the hardware tab and then Device Manager tab and double-click the Universal Serial Bus Controllers.
3. Select a device listed under Universal Serial Bus Controller and click the Remove button.
4. Click Yes to confirm the removal of the device.

NOTE: Repeat step 3 and 4 until all the devices under Universal Serial Bus Controller are removed.

5. Click Apply and then click OK.

The USB port is now uninstalled.

Now, restart the system. The system automatically detects and reinstalls the USB port.

u can also contact HP for the latest BIOS updates.
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Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: My Pavillion ze 2000 freezes when using usb

Hi Becca,
If the USB removal procedure does not work, try the following.

You can also try to install the newest chipset drivers, it will sometimes halp.〈=en&os=228&product=444477&dlc=en&softwareitem=ob-27038-1

Only use this driver if you have the ZE2000, if you have the ZE2000t or ZE2000z you need other drivers.

Have a nice day,
HTH, Ronald
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