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Re: NC522SFP & Windows 2008x64

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NC522SFP & Windows 2008x64

I've got two DL580g5 with HP NC522SRP Dual Port 10GbE Server Adapters installed but I'm having a problem getting it working under Windows 2008x64 sp2. It's a fresh Server build, fully MS patched and all the latest HP Drivers / PSP 8.7.


Both servers are built identicaly and both have the same problem, Under Device Manager Windows can see the NC522SFP but is reporting that it is unable to start the device. I've tried downgrading drivers, changing bios settings and everything else I can think of. The only oddity on these servers is that they each have 8 Fussion-IO cards installed. The other daft thing is that under a previous build on the same hardware and OS the NC522 was working fine.


Does anyone know of anything I can try to get these cards to start under Windows?

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Re: NC522SFP & Windows 2008x64

Did you install using the SmartStart disk?