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NTFS permissions

Edgar Zapata
Esteemed Contributor

NTFS permissions


Does anybody know if there's a way of determining which subfolders under a given folder has inherited permissions from parent?

I may be doing this in a weird way.
I couldn't think of any other way though.

What I'm doing is:
I first use a dir /x and dump the folder names into a file.
Then I use a FOR loop to go through each folder and trim the output to see if the permissions for a given user/group have been inherited.

Like this:

E:\Campanas\P-R\RENAULT>for /f %a in (dirlist.txt) do cacls %a | findstr /i cc20

E:\Campanas\P-R\RENAULT>cacls 0087E~1.PLA | findstr /i cc20

E:\Campanas\P-R\RENAULT>cacls AUDITO~1 | findstr /i cc20

E:\Campanas\P-R\RENAULT>cacls GRABAC~1 | findstr /i cc20

E:\Campanas\P-R\RENAULT>cacls OTS | findstr /i cc20

E:\Campanas\P-R\RENAULT>cacls RECSA | findstr /i cc20

This way I figure out which folders have not inherited permissions from parent and therefore, I'll need to add these manually.

What I actually need to know is if the setting below has been set up at a given folder
"Allow inheritable permissions from the parent to propagate to this object..."
without having to use any GUI (like windows Explorer)

Many thanks.