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Nero 8 and Windows Media palyer-10 ? help me...


Nero 8 and Windows Media palyer-10 ? help me...

the solution for my problem that when i use nero 6, it work ok and i see the video
file record with the Media center edition 2005 of Windows Xp professional, but
when i install your NEW Nero8 , i not see on Windows media player-10 and 11
this video file recocord on Media center (DVR_MS).

in the ahma forum say that my problem is that in Nero 6 there is a codec, and
in nero 7 and nero 8 this coder not supply ..is this the solution on my problem
that i not see this dvr-ms video file on WMP-10 and it close immedialty and say
an ERROR ? Where i put this coder for nero 8 and Windows media player-10
to see this media center record file DVR_MS ?

I have HP Pavilion dv-6141 portable pc with sonic roxio OEM suite.

where i fount this codec for WMP-10 for
see the file dvr-ms ?