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NetServer LC3 doesn't boot after SP4 or SP5

Roberto Cantu'
Occasional Contributor

NetServer LC3 doesn't boot after SP4 or SP5

A client of mine has a NetServer LC3 running WinNT 4.0 Srv + SP3.
After installing SP4/SP5, the system hangs on boot, just after reporting " ...
Build ..., Service Pack ..".
Yet, the system works fine with SP3.

The disk CTRL is a Adaptec AAA-133 with a RAID5 3-disk array, CIO Array Mgr is

Other peripherals:
. CD IDE (Pri Master)
. backup unit Tandberg Travan NS8Pro
. Intel EtherExpress PRO/100B
Other software:

. RAS server
. (maybe) NetServer Assistant
. Lotus Domino
. IE5

Please help me!
My client is frightened by the Y2K bug, and expects only SP5 can solve his
Thanks in advance.
Dale Sullens_3
Occasional Contributor

Re: NetServer LC3 doesn't boot after SP4 or SP5

When you installed the SP did you overwrite the driver for the Intel NIC? We
have brand new Dell Poweredge Servers out the Box act up with these NIC cards
after installing the SP. Make sure the driver is from Intel..

Roberto Cantu'
Occasional Contributor

Re: NetServer LC3 doesn't boot after SP4 or SP5

Yesterday I succeed in solving my issue, but in a different way.
I had to re-install that system from scratch, so I installed Adaptec AAA-13x's
driver v.2.2 (instead of the previous v.2.0.), following a piece of advice from
Adaptec itself: v.2.2 is reported as MANDATORY for SP4 or greater.

Everything worked fine with SP5.

By the way, SP5 setup didn't ask me anything about the Intel NIC card.

Thanks anyway. Roberto.