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Noise problem of ze5615ca!

Occasional Contributor

Noise problem of ze5615ca!

Just like some other HP laptops, ze5615ca also has loud noise problem. As a matter of fact, I don't really care about the noise when the fan is running, what I care about is that, can we let the fan run only when it is necessary? because the fan in my laptop seems to run almost all the time even when I was just typing. I beleive that this problem can be fixed by upgrade the BIOS(it was said that noise problem of ze5385us can be fixed in this way), but unfortunately, HP does not provide BIOS upgrade for this model to solve this problem at this time. so my question is that, if HP hs any plan of releasing a new version of BIOS for ze5615ca that is for the purpose I mentioned above?


Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: Noise problem of ze5615ca!

Hi Ben,

You could also post this one over in the Pavilion Notebook Category:


The folks there may have an answer for you,

Hope this helps,

Marc Gant
Occasional Visitor

Re: Noise problem of ze5615ca!

Did you ever get the loud fan to quiet down?
Luvh Rakhe
Occasional Visitor

Re: Noise problem of ze5615ca!

I have the exact same problem - I tried upgrading the BIOS a few months ago, it hasn't seemed to change anything.