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Office Jet 1170: HPMSP2IA Repeatedly Crashes My Computer

S. Kramer
Occasional Visitor

Office Jet 1170: HPMSP2IA Repeatedly Crashes My Computer

I'm using an 1170cse Office Jet with a Gateway Pentium 450 and using Norton Crash Guard. Whenever this error occurs -- and it can be very frequent -- efforts to recover send me to a blue screen with an invalid VXD dynamic link from vwin32(05)

Windows 98 Version 4.10.1998

HPMSP2IA caused an invalid page fault in

module KERNEL32.DLL at 0177:bff7dadd.


EAX=00000000 CS=0177 EIP=bff7dadd EFLGS=00010202

EBX=0000000a SS=017f ESP=0066f0d0 EBP=0066f0dc

ECX=fea99000 DS=017f ESI=fffffffc FS=414f

EDX=f18edc00 ES=017f EDI=3fffffff GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:

89 44 f9 04 e8 87 f3 ff ff ff 35 08 9d fc bf e8

Stack dump:

f18edc00 00000040 fffffffc 0066f0f8 bff7db1b 8175aa8c fffffffc f18edc00 00000000 f18edc00 0066f12c bff81de4 8175aa8c f18edc00 00000000 00000000

Mike McKinlay
Honored Contributor

Re: Office Jet 1170: HPMSP2IA Repeatedly Crashes My Computer

Can you reproduce the crash at will? What kinds of jobs crash the system (faxes, graphics, etc.). If you can reproduce, you might try to disable the CrashGuard and any other processes. There is likely a conflict with the drivers and something else that is running. Make sure also that you install the latest drivers using the HP installation software and not the Windows "Add Printer" function.
"Hope springs eternal."
Dennis Ng
Regular Advisor

Re: Office Jet 1170: HPMSP2IA Repeatedly Crashes My Computer

Hi there,

Two methods:
1. (you may have heard this) Uninstall the printer driver. Reboot. Reinstall. Test.

2. Uninstall driver. Reboot. Reinstall with a different version. Choose the closest driver version of your printer. Try it .. !

Good luck!
Not everything that can be counted counts; & not everything that counts can be counted.