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Old bios setup disk

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Old bios setup disk

I have an old HP Vectra
486 with phoenix bios.
I would enter in the bios for changing the parallel port in ECP mode (if possible )
The trouble; i cannot enter the bios by F1, F2, CTRL ALT DEL or such things and someone told me there is maybe a bios floppy. The computer is 11 years old and we lost any manuals.

Couls somenoe help me


Re: Old bios setup disk

There is a BIOS on that PC, however it is sensitive. You cannot hit F1 then change to F2 and other F-keys. I don't remember which Fkey gets into that one, but usually it is either F1, F2, F10, F11 or DEL (by itself).

I'd cold restart the machine 5 times and on each restart try tapping one and only one Function key about once per second until windows loads...

The other ways are kind of cheating, but you could try holding any key down (such as 'a') while the PC is off, turn it on while holding the key down and you should get a "key stuck failure" at which time you may be prompted to enter BIOS. The other "cheating" way is to open the case and reset the BIOS information. This will, 95% of the time, cause the PC upon 1st boot after clear, to state BIOS information is invalid or lost and ask you to enter setup and fix it.

Good luck!

BTW. Other options exist, as well, such as buying a new PC. ;)
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Re: Old bios setup disk


I tried to reboot 5 times and hold a key, but nothing works
I tried to unplug the lithium baterie but it doesnt ask me to go in the bios

I tried to unplug tje keyboard
and it gives me a code error only and stops

Its an old machine but i need it because i have 4 isa cards

Thanks for any help
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Re: Old bios setup disk

I think i need Easy Config

Could anyone send me this old prog and

Roger Squire
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Re: Old bios setup disk

I *may* have an original copy of one of these disks at home, no gurantees, but if you email me privately I will take a look.

I will not be at home now until Friday.

So email me to remind me and I will look through my box of tricks. (I'm a bit of a hoarder...)

ex-HP and Proud
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Re: Old bios setup disk


I doesnt find this floppy labeled

Its an old bios A.04.02
Could someone help me please


Re: Old bios setup disk

Well, I actually stumbled across the answer myself (after Compaq technical support said that it couldn't be done without the QuickRestore CD's that they don't carry any more). (This is for an Armada 7400, but I image it will work for many others, since I've seen these same files as common for many models.)

1) Go to http://h18000.www1.hp.com/support/files/armada/us/locate/20_950.html#0
2) Download Setup, SP7117. Also download "Diagnostics for Windows" v 4.12A, SP 25498.
NOTE: For the diagnostics disk, forget about it saying you need to use "Personal Computer Diagnostics v10.40 or v10.39 (in order to make a new diagnostics partition on older PC's). The "Diagnostics for Windows" v. 4.12A will detect that you don't have the partition and will create it for you.
3) Create the Setup and Diagnostics floppies (two) per the instructions.
4) Boot from a dos boot disk (your own) and use the FDISK utility to delete all partitions, dos and non-dos.
5) Boot from the setup disk and click the install button.
6) Follow the prompts through disk swaps and reboots.
7) Done!

You can now F10 to your bios settings!

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