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Omnibook XE3-GC ...NO Audio

glenn castiglione
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Omnibook XE3-GC ...NO Audio

I recently purchased an XE3-GC with a DVD drive.

Neither Win2K Pro or Win 98se will recognize that there is a sound card in this laptop.

I've installed what are supposed to be the correct drives plus about 6 others.

What's worse, is there is no sound device showing anywhere in Device Manager. It's as if the device doesn't exist.

Any ideas????
Ron Kinner
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Re: Omnibook XE3-GC ...NO Audio

The correct drivers are at:


Do you see the Modem? The audio and modem are the same chipset.

I believe there is an option in the BIOS to disable the audio so you might check to make sure it is turned on.

You could run the hardware diagnostics and see if anything shows up.



glenn castiglione
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Re: Omnibook XE3-GC ...NO Audio

Thanks Ron,

I looked in the Bios once. I'll look again.

Interestingly that IS NOT the driver that I get from HP's download site.

I'm installing Win XP on a whim. I had a Dell that had garbled audio on all versions of Win except XP.

If you have any other thoughts you can get me at gjc@columbus.rr.com