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Outlook - Mail & Messaging


Outlook - Mail & Messaging

We have one user who's outlook cannot be configured. Whereas user is able to access his mail through web. We have tried all the option. Can some body share their thought.

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Joseph Loo
Honored Contributor

Re: Outlook - Mail & Messaging


could u be more specific on why Outlook cannot be configured thru Control Panel -> Mail, if that is what u r referring to?

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Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: Outlook - Mail & Messaging

I will advise you to just compare each and every setting from the user of whose outlook is working.
You could check :
1)Outgoing smtp server address.
2)Incomning smtp server address.
3)User has been authorised in proxy server
4)User's IP address

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Thomas Bianco
Honored Contributor

Re: Outlook - Mail & Messaging

i'll agree with Joseph, more info needed.

if this is a internet only outlook install, it is probably SMTP/POP3 addresses.

the fact that you mention "access his mail through web" make me think of OWA and exchange. that's a whole different set of problems.

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Re: Outlook - Mail & Messaging


Microsoft outlook 2000 internet mail only.

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