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Re: PCL XL Error

Aurelio Miguel
New Member

PCL XL Error

One of my user is getting a PCL XL Error "IllegalTag" when printing a word doc
on a HPLjet 4000. She is using the 4000 driver (OS WIN95).

Could someone pls. tell me what's causing this error?

Thank you.
Jamie Hughes_1
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Re: PCL XL Error

Hello Aurelio,

The error is coming from the printer driver. I'll include a link for you at
the bottom of the page of a previous thread in this forum regarding PCL XL
errors. Please read thru the thread and follow the suggestions and workarounds
that have been posted.

If the suggestions don't work for you, please contact the printer support group
at 208-323-2551 or you can post a message in their forum. This error is not
coming from the operating system but is coming from the printer driver. You
can check to see if there's a forum for your model printer by clicking on the
"HP User Community Site" link on the right side of the Microsoft forum under
the "Other HP Forums" section.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
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Re: PCL XL Error

I have a user with the same problem. "Illegal Tag" error when printing an excel 2000 file, in Windows 95, to a LaserJet 4000.
Please help me, can I get the solution given to Aurelio.
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