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Re: PGP thru Outlook

Edgar Zapata
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PGP thru Outlook


We have received an .asc file from a customer of ours.
This file contains the their Public Key.

We have to send e-mail (digital envelope) through MS-Outlook.
Does anyone know where to start or have any experience on this?

I have been googling but need to ae as time as possible.

Thank you much.
Edgar Zapata
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Re: PGP thru Outlook

I've been researching a little.
Does any know of a good PGP plug-in for MS-Outlook 2003?

I think Iwe might mess it all up if we use a bad pulg-in.

Paul Slijkhuis
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Re: PGP thru Outlook

Basically, email encyption can be done with S/MIME or PGP. S/MIME is the Microsoft standard and PGP comes in various ways versions and implementations e.g. OpenPGP and GnuPG. Outlook is compatible with S/MIME by default.

Next, it is important you use the same encryption type as the receiving/sending party. So really you should ask which email encryption protocol+version your customer uses. And use the same too.

For organizations with multiple customers with multiple email encryption usage, you should look at email encryption appliances like PGP Universal Gateway on www.pgp.com.

- Paul
IT Architect, contractor