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Pavilion 6630 (XP clean install) drivers?

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Pavilion 6630 (XP clean install) drivers?

Hello. I hope this is the right place to post this.
I did an XP clean installation and I think all drivers were installed, but how do I know I have the last versions or/and the right ones?. I also don't understand if the processor and the chipset are the same thing or...? Please help. I have visit the Intel website but it is very confusing for a new-b like me. I found a graphic driver update (I guess for the chipset 810?) but... after I did it I noticed my computer slower, specially when I do a right click on my desktop to get to the display properties, it takes a while to display the menu and I know for sure that before was faster because I already did a second clean installation (fresh again); BUT!... with the graphic driver update I had more Video RAM (I did the comparation looking at XP plus installation advisor), should I try and older driver version? or?. I hope I'm explaining my self clear (sorry for my english).
My computer is a Pavilion HP 6630:
-Intel Celeron 500 MHz
-Intel Chipset 810
-256 MB RAM (upgraded)
-10.2 GB HD (But I only see 9.53 MB ?)

Video Graphics-PCI Local Bus
Controller-Intel 810
Video Memory-11 MB shared system memory, integrated graphics; not upgradable.
-11MB? after the xp clean install it looks like I only have 4.0MB Video RAM (video ram and video memory is the same thing, isn't it?).

Compatibility-3-D Stereo, PCI, 16-bit Sound
Controller-Crystal audio
Location-Crystal audio chip
-What is it? I thought the chipset (intel 810) was also for audio? I'm confused.

Now, looking at device manager under processors, it doesn't say Intel celeron, it only has processor (standar types).
And under sound, video, games controllers it has many things, but I don't see Crystal audio controller it has one named intel 82801AB AC'97 Audio controller.
I hope you can help me to understand this, I swear I have been looking for information and been reading, but I only get more confused.
John-Thomas Gaietto
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Re: Pavilion 6630 (XP clean install) drivers?

First of all in device manager do you see any ?'s. Secondly, does everything work sound, video (at the correct resolution levels), Modem/Network adapters etc.. If so your golden. You might want to look at these URLs



I hope this helps if so please don't forget the points. Best of luck.
Ron Kinner
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Re: Pavilion 6630 (XP clean install) drivers?

With XP it's best not to use drivers from the manufacturer's sites. Only use them if there is no other alternative. Atleast that's what Microsoft says.

Instead go to windowsupdate.microsoft.com and tell it to scan for updates. That way you will get the latest approved and XP tested drivers.

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