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Pavilion 8260 Sound Drivers

Joyce Fahey
Occasional Visitor

Pavilion 8260 Sound Drivers

In the process of upgrading a friend?s Pavilion 8260 to Windows 98, in order to
get a good reliable result, I reformatted the hard drive to FAT32 before
starting the install.

After Windows 98 was up and running, I downloaded the available drivers for the
8260 from your website, but the upgrade for the sound system was the only
driver that doesn?t work. After talking to your tech support, I learned that
the sound driver upgrade would only work if installed on top of the original
drivers. I was also told that these drivers are not available from your
website, or from your company.

I have been familiar with Hewlett Packard products since the late ?60?s as a
system programmer for mainframe systems. I am currently using a Laser Jet 4
that has been a real workhorse for several years on my system. In fact, this
printer has been part of a system that has had PC upgrades several times.

With the reputation of your company, I find it hard to believe that I can?t
resolve this problem on a system that is only a couple of years old.

I have located the original drivers on the Pavilion restore CD. They appear to
be uncompressed and executable.

My problem is that I?m not sure where to copy these files into the Windows
directories. I do not want to go back to the original configuration (by
running the restore CD) in order to get this information, because then I would
have to repeat all of the steps that got me to the place where I am now. This
could take a couple of days, because I also have installed Office 2000 Premium,
QuickBooks Pro, and several other programs. More memory has also been added,
and the system appears to be working very well, except it has no sound.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could just tell me where the original
drivers were located in the Windows 95 directories. I could then just copy
from the files on the restore CD and proceed with the upgrade of the driver I
downloaded from your website.
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Pavilion 8260 Sound Drivers

Hello Joyce,

You will probably want to repost your question to the Pavilion support forum
that is appropriate for your model. Since this is an HP/driver issue, the
folks in the Pavilion forums will be better able to answer this for you. I
briefly went through the info out there to see if there was a similar post but
I couldn't find one exactly like your question. They did explain to one
customer how to do a selective recovery for a video driver and provided the
correct location, etc. I think they can answer this for you in their forum.

Please try the attached link and then click on Enter to see the available
forums. There is one for your model Pavilion.

Jamie Hughes