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Pavilion 8670C-Don't want Yahoo

Linda Long_1
Occasional Contributor

Pavilion 8670C-Don't want Yahoo

How can I get rid of Yahoo as a "default" home page? There is also Yahoo on
the tool bars. What will happen if I use the "uninstall" button? I can't seem
to find any info regarding these concerns. Your input would be appreciated.

Thank You
Linda Long
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Pavilion 8670C-Don't want Yahoo

Hello Linda,

I'll try to give you some pointers but it would be helpful if you can tell us
what browser you are using when you have Yahoo as your default home page. I
will give you instructions for Internet Explorer 5.x but these may not be right
if you're using another version of IE or another browser. If you could please
write back and be specific about "where"/which browser you are using when you
see the Yahoo home page, and also what version you are using that would be

To change the default home page for IE5.x:
- Select Tools, Internet Options.
- It should default to the General tab. If not, click or select the general
- In the Home Page section at the top, you will see the URL for Yahoo. You can
replace that with any URL you want to by typing over Apply and OK.
- If you want to browse to the page you want to be your home page first, then
go into the Internet Options and click on Use Current. That will make the page
you are currently viewing your default Home Page. Then click Apply and OK.

I hope this helps. If you would please give me more details on your browser
that might help.

Jamie Hughes
Linda Long_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Pavilion 8670C-Don't want Yahoo

God Bless you Jamie Hughes!! I am using MSIE v5.0. This is a new computer and
it came with Yahoo pre-loaded! I prefer to use MSN.com as my default home
page. I thank you so much. I couldn't find anything that would tell me what
you just did. Again, thank you. I will be marking this site as a favorite
place, since HP doesn't have a forum set up as yet for this model Pavilion.
I'll be back for sure to see if I can learn anything else!!
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Pavilion 8670C-Don't want Yahoo

Thanks Linda! I'm glad that worked for you.

Take care,
Jamie Hughes
Alan Vespie
Occasional Visitor

Re: Pavilion 8670C-Don't want Yahoo


I have a similar problem only I have a Pavilion 6630. I have read through this
thread and have made all the suggested changes. This worked okay for a week or
so but Yahoo is back as my default. I have gone back in and verified that none
of the setting have changed and they have not. I do not understand why I can
have a different page set as a default, have that work for awhile, and then
have it switch back on its own with no visible changes in my Internet Options.
I am using IE 5.X.

Any help you could offer would be therapeutic and very much appreciated.