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Pavilion 8670C and AOL 5.0

Linda Long_1
Occasional Contributor

Pavilion 8670C and AOL 5.0

This last Thursday afternoon, Feb. 3rd, I activated AOL 5.0 on my new Pavilion
8670C(just bought it Jan.30). I also have another ISP because I really like
using MSIE 5.0. Well, to make a long story short, all day Friday I could not
stay on line for more than 10 or 15 minutes. It was very very distressing. I
have 2 Pavilions, 2 phone lines, and the second computer has AOL 4.0. Well, I
tried comparing both computers, internet programs on both phone lines. I came
to the conclusion the new Pavilion was "faulty". I was prepared to take it
back to the store and get my money back when I realized, "duh, it came with an
"aol_fix" on the desktop. Well, I uninstalled AOL 5.0 and viola! not more
constant disconnects!! I will be using my CD for AOL 4.0 on my new computer,
as it has been working so well on my Pavilion 7320 for 3 years now, along with
MSISE 5.0!!
I realize there might be a fix out there, but, I am quite pessimistic when it
comes to AOL(they bought Netscape)plus the fact AOL bundled MSIE 5.0 with their
newest version AOL 5.0. Seems like a conflict of interest to me. But, that is
only my opinion.
Anyway, my problem seems to be solved. My advise? Don't use AOL 5.0 with MSIE
5.0 until it has been around for years and ALL the bugs have been worked out!
Thanks, HP, for being there. I use/read the forums faithfully, and print out
solutions so I will have them if a problem should rear it's ugly little head
again. I just wish your pages loaded a little faster, but, the best things in
life are worth waiting for!!

Thanks, again
Linda Long (one of HP's and Microsoft's biggest fans)
Robert Gamble_3
Regular Advisor

Re: Pavilion 8670C and AOL 5.0

See the following Washington Post story ran on Feb 8, 2000.