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Pavilion DV9269eu SPDIF problems / Win Vista

Björn Ridell
Occasional Visitor

Pavilion DV9269eu SPDIF problems / Win Vista

I received my dv9000 2 days ago and I was very excited to hook it up to my home cinema. I bought a cable in a computer store for the spdif and I connected it to the coax digital in port on my receiver. No matter what I set on the laptop or the receiver I get no sound. The ear phone port on the laptop is working. I tried a pair of earphones. I am kinda new to Vista so I am probably missing a vital setting somewhere. Can anyone shed some light on the issue for me?
Phil Diacono
Occasional Visitor

Re: Pavilion DV9269eu SPDIF problems / Win Vista

I found I had to get 3.5 mm optical plug to go into the SPDIF port on the front of my Pavilion dv9000. The other end of the cable is a Toslink (digital optical audio) and it goes into the Audio amplifier (marked "Opt In" SA-CD/CD).

I then went into Media Center on the remote control. You can also click Start on the taskbar, and select Media Center.
Click Settings, General, Media Center Setup, and then Set Up Your Speakers. The Speaker Setup screen displays.
Click Next.
Under Specify how many speakers you have, select the speaker number that matches your system. For example, select 5.1.

I set my Audio Amplifier to select input from SA-CD/CD and the test worked.

For more info see the HP document on SPDIF at http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/fastFaqLiteDocument?lc=en&cc=us&product=12455&dlc=en&docname=c00501081

and some SPDIF info in Wikipedia at


although, oddly enough, it does not mention the 3.5 mm optical connector.

Googling "3.5mm optical plug" showed up this site with a photo of a cable like mine.