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PeopleSoft - Tuxedo Issue

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Sanjay Verma
Super Advisor

PeopleSoft - Tuxedo Issue

Hi Friends,
I did not find any other place to log this issue so highlighting the issue here so as to find the resolution:

When I am trying to start a domain, it gives the following error mesg:
tmboot: CMDTUX_CAT:827: ERROR: Fatal error encountered; initiating user error handler

Can you pl. identify the cause for this?

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David Savlin
Occasional Advisor

Re: PeopleSoft - Tuxedo Issue

There are better places for getting help with this issue, not the least of which is PeopleSoft's Customer Connection. You can also try Slerp.Com, which has forums dedicated to PeopleSoft.

The error you are seeing does not help much, and a more detailed error log will be found on your server, most likely in a ULOG file, which defaults to the root of your application server's drive (in my case, C:\ ).

Also, the Tuxedo services do depend on a Windows NT service named "Tuxedo IPC Helper". You do need this service to be installed and running. Refer to your PeopleSoft Installation Guide for your DBMS for this information.

And lastly, I'm using PS 7.5x, not 8.x, so your milage may vary, but it's my understanding that Tuxedo has not changed significantly in the new release.

Good luck!

Re: PeopleSoft - Tuxedo Issue

The problem here is that message can be caused by any number of issues of which are caused by the app server /prcs failure.

possibilities: cache not clean

you edited the .cfg files in edit/vi.. they need to be done through the domain configuration in psadmin

passowrd in the cfg file different than in peopletools.

Sanjay Verma
Super Advisor

Re: PeopleSoft - Tuxedo Issue

David / Michael,
Yes, the issue resolved after clearing the cache.
Co-operation - The biggest chain reaction