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Re: Please help with my iPhone


Please help with my iPhone

So whenever i plug in my iPhone to my computer using the USB chord, iTunes pops up because it's plugged in. However, I'm trying to transfer my photos onto my computer but it isn't registering anywhere else... i have no idea how to fix this because i just got a new computer...please help 


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Dennis Handly
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Re: Please help with my iPhone

What model HP laptop do you have? What Windows version?

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Re: Please help with my iPhone

1 st when you plug your phone in have it un-locked. After you plug it in the phone may or may not ask if the pc is to be trusted. You have to say "yes" to trusting the PC. Once this is done go to "My Computer" and you will see as a device or drive iPhone. Click on it and it will open up to internal storage then go into DCIM and last the folder the pictures are in (this directory is different and you could have multiple). I think this is the same for all windows machines.