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Presario 5660 CMOS drive assignment-HOW?

Art David
Occasional Contributor

Presario 5660 CMOS drive assignment-HOW?

I have added a larger drive to my system and I want to make it the C: drive. I have set the Master / Slave jumpers on the drives correctly, changed the cable position of the drives and the F10 setup has no "Hard Drive Setup" mode that I can find. Everything works great but my "C:" is my "D:" and my "D:" is my "C:" in Windows XP after it boots up. Is there a "secret" CMOS/ Bios screen? HELP?!? THANKS!
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Presario 5660 CMOS drive assignment-HOW?


Did you make the new drive the Primary Master and the old drive the Primary Slave? Do you plan to use the new drive as the boot drive? If yes, how do you plan to move/install the OS on the new drive? I assume it's empty (new) now.

FYI, I usually install new drives as I've indiated above and then use Ghost or DriveCopy to copy the entire old drive to the new drive. I do this because the newer drives will typically be faster and I want the fastest drive to be my boot drive. Once that's done, if I need to change drive letters, I logon as an Administrator and open Control Panel, then launch Administrative Tools, then Computer Management and select Disk Management. Once there, I single-click the drive I want to change and select Action/AllTasks/Change Drive Letter and Paths and make the changes. If you want to swap drive letters, you have to do an intermediate step (change the existing C drive to Z or anything other than D, then change existing D drive to C, then Z drive to D). I hope this is what you needed.

Good luck!

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