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Printing to HP5 printers from Word 97

N Kutty
Occasional Visitor

Printing to HP5 printers from Word 97

Several of my users have had this problem intermittently: - Sometimes when
they format documents with Bold, italics, small caps or when they use tracking,
the formatted text is misaligned from the rest of the text. It does not happen
all the time, it seems to happen only after they have used Word for awhile. In
print preview and on the screen it looks fine only when they print it, is it
Can anyone help?
Ng Jomon
Occasional Advisor

Re: Printing to HP5 printers from Word 97

Enable the Show/Hide icon for Word, check to see those user is using TAB or
space bar to made up their table. Printing will not function well if use Space
as a TAB.

If your problem include Blank page print out and was running Print Server on
NT, try to change to another share name and reinstall the Printer drive (don't
use the same drive again, get a fresh copy).

Example: Original Share Name: Dept_HP5
change it to Dept_HP5X.