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Problem with NX 9010 after hibernation

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Problem with NX 9010 after hibernation

Hello all,

Since i cant reach HP support by phone anymore i came here.

I have the following problem with a client's portable, an NX9010.

It has happened now 2 times that after falling into hibernation it takes about 3 full minutes for him to logon to his network.

He uses a docking station, but even when connecting the network cable directly into the portable it takes 2-3 full minutes for him to get logged in and load his desktop screen.

Also when he connects his networking cable into the portable directly when closing windows XP the application ccapp doesnt close ( maybe this helps. )

We checked DNS settings and all is fine.

Any idea's, cause i dont have a clue.


Roger Faucher
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Re: Problem with NX 9010 after hibernation


You might want to try updating the BIOS from here:

Please read/observe all cautions. Do not update the BIOS while running on battery only!

Other than that, I seem to recall seeing this problem in another thread here in ITRC. Yes, look here:

Make a great day!

Make a great day!