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RAM and Modem

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RAM and Modem

RE: Compaq 5050 PC . I send my bro a RAM stick of PC100 128 mb . He had PC100 128 and a 64 mb stick in it . He wanted 256 .

He said via phone he installed the 128 i sent in in place of the 64 mb stick , and the 128 Burnt a " square" ? i can't remember what they are called , on the Stick I sent him on boot up .

He then tried another RAM stick i sent , in one slot that the ram didn't burn in ( he said the slot looks , ok but he also installed the 64 Stick . His PC then would boot , but only recognize 128 MB Ram .

The Modem is also NOT being detected . He restored the PC with his restore CD .

Any thoughts or fixes ?
Ronald Postma
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Re: RAM and Modem

Hi Tercr6,
Looks like the RAM did burn out the slot if the old one is not detected anymore. Your brother must check if there is not any dust or other things in the slot. I do not think a bios-reset would help, but you can give that a shot.

About the modem, I think he has a Presario 5050 then go here:〈=en&cc=us
Select your OS and download the driver Win2000 should detect it

Have a nice day,
HTH, Ronald
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Re: RAM and Modem

I believe a lot of it was non sys RAM .

He said he installed a Different stick of Ram , I also sent in the first slot - 128 , the inserted his 128 . It reads 192 , and detected the Modem .

It appears anyways he damaged the original 128 stick He had in .

I'll pass along Re: dust . I already ask him if the slot was burnt , he said as far as he could tell , no ..

Thanks for the reply .