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Recovery CD worked, but system hangs on shutdown (8760c)

Occasional Contributor

Recovery CD worked, but system hangs on shutdown (8760c)

I reinstalled the whole system on my Pavilion 8760c (Win98SE). The recovery formatted the drive as well. Everything is fine except for two things: 1)It's very, very slow on boot. 2)It hangs on shutdown or restart.

Any ideas? I'm frustrated. I've tried the bios update from HP as well, nothing doing.

Patrick Ruane
Valued Contributor

Re: Recovery CD worked, but system hangs on shutdown (8760c)

For startup problems, run msconfig and deselect any programs set to run at startup that you dont need. For shutdown problems, check these sites:;en-us;Q202633;en-us;Q238096

The second one is win98 SE specific and has a link to the Windows 98 Second Edition Shutdown Supplement which seems to help. There is also a Mapped Drives update if you have a large number of mapped network drives. Bear in mind that speed issues are often caused by incorrect drivers, so ensure you have the latest versions. If you have installed any hardware yourself, try removing it to see if it is causing hardware conflicts.
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Jon Finley
Honored Contributor

Re: Recovery CD worked, but system hangs on shutdown (8760c)

Patrick's right. For the "Hang at shutdown", check for updated video drivers, NIC drivers, etc.

Updated Motherboard and/or IDE disk drivers will affect you at startup. i.e. not addressing the disk properly, causing caching to be turned off (smartdrive or others).

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