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Re: RemoteFX On DL380 G7

Ajemo Haltom
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RemoteFX On DL380 G7

Aparently Microsoft RemoteFX is included with Server 2008 R2. However, I don't see it as an option in Hyper-V manager.

Microsoft says that the GPU(s) have to be identical in order for RemoteFX to use them. Does this mean the GPU has to be identical to the ATI graphics adapter included with the server?
Daniel Bowers
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Re: RemoteFX On DL380 G7

You need SP1 for 2008 R2 to get RemoteFX. It's under the Remote Desktop Services role. Install instructions from Microsoft:

I don't think that embedded ATI graphics controller can't handle RemoteFX. (Also, HP doesn't support RemoteFX on the DL380 G7, only the ML/DL370 G7).

How-to guide from HP here:

You need 1 or 2 "real" graphics cards. If you use 2, they have to be identical.