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SBS 2011 standard / ML 350g6 / SmartStart 8.7

Eric van Straten
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SBS 2011 standard / ML 350g6 / SmartStart 8.7

Hello all,


Downloaded SmartStart 8.7 and I'm attempting to install SBS 2011 Std (HP Branded).


Everything seems to go well until the I'm prompted to log in for the first time. 


After logging in all I get is a blank screen and the mouse.  ctrl-alt-del let's me do the usual things.

1) if I try to launch explorer.exe all I get is a window to browse the harddrive

2) reboot doesn't make any difference

3) When running eventvwr I find that it couldn't find the profile for the adminitrator account and it loaded a temporary one.  Also find the usual errors that an SBS box has when first being built - like the sharepoint indexing.


Tried SS8.6 but it does not support SBS 2011.


Because I'm getting a late start on getting this server built I'm going to go straight to installing from the SBS 2011 install media and then run the PSP for 2008r2 ... then muddle may way through getting system center stuff to work.


That is unless someone post a fix soon...


Many thanks,