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John Woloshchuk
Occasional Visitor


I have a HP Pavilion 6640C. The computer will not shut down completely. I
have to hold down the power button for 5 seconds to get it to shut down. When
starting back up I get an error message

OE: at 0187:BFF9DFFF.

Also, while using the computer, every once and a while, when there is no floppy
in the A:\ drive, the computer makes a repetitive tapping noise from the A:\
drive area.
Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Shutdown

Hi John,

When you have to hold the power button to get the machine to shut down, what is
on the screen when you are waiting? Do you have the message, "Please wait while
your computer shuts down?". Have you ever waited to see if the machine will
eventually shut down? If so, how long does it take before it shuts down, if

There are a few things that could be going on. We'll start with the easiest.

Do you have Norton Antivirus or McAfee loaded? Antivirus programs can cause
problems when shutting down. They can also cause the problem you describe
where your A: drive is being hit at various times because they are attempting
to scan the A: drive for viruses.

If you're using McAfee, follow these steps:
1. Start, Programs, Accessories.
2. Highlight System Tools and McAfee VirusScan.
3. Choose Vshield Configuration Manager.
4. On the Detection tab, locate the box labeled "Scandisk on".
5. Remove the check from Shutdown.
6. Choose Apply and then OK.

Please post another message and let us know if you are running any anti-virus
software. If you are, please indicate the package and version. Also, if
you're running McAfee, go ahead and follow the steps above and see if that
fixes the problem. There are some workarounds for Norton too but I don't want
to post everything until I know if you're even running it.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes
Dennis Ng
Regular Advisor

Re: Shutdown

Mem conflict when shutdown. (RAM total?)

A: flapping is normal when you have Anti-virus running. Eg. Norton AV does that to ensure if you accidentally leave it in the PC, it has pre-scan that disk so no boot virus will run the next bootup.
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