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Simple CD/DVD R Question

Brad Strong
Occasional Contributor

Simple CD/DVD R Question

Ok - I'm a rookie. I understand that you can't write over a CD/DVD R, but can you keep adding to it until it is full or do you only burn to it once? i.e. Can I keep saving photos to a CD R until it is full?
Sanjay Kumar Suri
Honored Contributor

Re: Simple CD/DVD R Question

My understanding is as under:

One can write only once on CD/DVD R. DVD can be read only.

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chuck berry_3
Valued Contributor

Re: Simple CD/DVD R Question

In my experience, Adaptec and Nero Ahead both have states that the CD-R is placed in when writing in data mode. once the CD-R is closed, it can't be opened, again for writing. However, as long as the system seesit as "open", it can be written to as many times as needed. After the CD-R is dismounted or closed, it cannot be written to again, only "read".
Jorge Pinto Leite
Respected Contributor

Re: Simple CD/DVD R Question

In Roxio if you burn a CD-R with DirectCD you can add files to it until it is full. However DirectCD's can only be read in CDRW drives OR in PC's with UDF Reader installed.
Ronald Postma
Honored Contributor

Re: Simple CD/DVD R Question

When burning a cd and you stil wat to keep adding data afterwards start what is called a multisession CD. (do not do this with audio, only the first session will be read in an normal CD-player)

As long if you only close a session durning burning (do not select close CD)you can keep adding.

But if you realy want easy use buy CD-RW disks, they are rewritebel an can be cleaned after data is written to it (even is CD is closed) so you can put new data on it.

"Notice" When a CD-RW is clean all data on the disc is gone

With DVD's is a little different. You have 2 types that are used often
1. DVD+R
2. DVD-R

The -R discs can not be used as multisession discs, the +R can. -R is cheaper atleast here in the Netherlands.

Hope you have enough info now.
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Re: Simple CD/DVD R Question

Don't forget to always use the same software for this operation, if you try to use a different one there is a big chance that it will not work.
The Real MD
Valued Contributor

Re: Simple CD/DVD R Question

In nero you write CD/DVD's in multi-session mode, so yes you can keep saving your photos until the disk is full.