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Slow hyper-v network performance in guest machines.

Hamam Diab
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Slow hyper-v network performance in guest machines.

the network speed is extremely slow in the guest machines ( window 7 ) . Ingegration services are working properly and the guests' are hardware accelerated netwokd interface drive. There's no issues what so ever in the hosts's network connection.

we have windows server 2016 standard edition installed on an HP proliant ML350 gen10 sever. I did reserach the issue and all what I found was network interface compatibility with the virtual machine queue (VMQ) feature in hyper-v. I tried to disable this feature in the settings of the guest machines but it did not resolve the issue. In addition, from what I've read, this option should be disabled from network interface drivers advaced settings in the host machine, but I couldn't find such option available. Based on windows and ILO, the network interface card is: HPE Ethernet 1GB 4-port 369i Adapter. I thought of updating the driver in order to fix the issue, but couldn't find the corresponding network driver in hpe.com/support


Re: Slow hyper-v network performance in guest machines.


Thanks for posting your query in HPE community.

Could you please let us know what all guest machines (VM's) are affected including thier OS. 

You have mentioned about Windows 7 guest which is currently end of life so no new drivers or any updates will be available.


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