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Sound card

Kevin Kroeber
Occasional Visitor

Sound card

I have been trying to run a educational CD on my Pc 6640C serial # mx00100723
and have been running into trouble. While running the CD I come to a point
where it will stop running sound and then stop running period. I still have the
graphics and partial movment of figures, but the program will not continue.
After further discussion I was advised to try and down load from the HP web
site a driver called chameleon by rockwell. As it turns out I didn't find that
option and tried to down load iso_sp00 which didn't work. A message came up
which read: "AOL/CIS update. Resolve a problem caused by instillation of AOL
5.0 or compserve 5.0 after installing eather of these the modem will not
respond after a system suspend. To fix this, apply this patch after installing
either of theses patches. Winzip self extractor".
Any sugesstions?

Kevin Kroeber
Melvyn Burnard_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Sound card

Unfortunately you have put your query into the Forum for discussions relevant
to HP 9000 and 3000 server systems.
Your query would be better posted to the Workstation forum, or the Microsoft
Forum, where you may get the response you are looking for.