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Strange file running on my HP computer

Occasional Contributor

Strange file running on my HP computer

I have a strange file running on my nc6400 laptop called HPQToaster.exe (HPQTOA~1.exe) and I like to know what it does.

When I Googled it, I came up with answers like this:

"Hewlett-Packard Toaster task found on new HP laptops bought in April 2006 and later. We do not yet know what this task actually does, nor how it gets started."

It was released over a year ago and nobody still knows what it does? I emailed HP about 2 weeks ago and never got an answer. I'm running XP Pro on my machine.

Does anybody know what this executable file do?
Paul Sperry
Honored Contributor

Re: Strange file running on my HP computer

Most likely a cd/dvd burning program. I seem to recall that there was a
shareware "qtoaster" program at one time now all I can find is gtoaster,
which is gnome-toaster, and cdrtoaster. HPQ is the stock market ticker
name for HP/Compaq.
Occasional Contributor

Re: Strange file running on my HP computer

Hi, thanks for the response.

I already have Nero 6 on there as a CD burning program, plus there's one already built into XP, so can I killfile this HPQToaster process without doing any damage?

Look forward to any response. Again, thanks...