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System or Network Admin ?

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System or Network Admin ?

Hello Gurus
I m going to ask a very Trivial Question ;).

Plz let me know the diff b/w System Administration and Network Administration

who is Network Admin and who is Sys Admin ?

If i m responsible to configure and manage the following servers and services
1, Active Directory
who am I Network or Sys Admin ?

2, Terminal Servers
who am I Network or Sys Admin ?

3, Remote Access Servers(vpn and ppp servers)
who am I Network or Sys Admin ?

4, File Servers and Print Servers
who am I Network or Sys Admin ?

5, NTBackup
who am I Network or Sys Admin ?

6 ISA server and IIS
who am I Network or Sys Admin ?

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Re: System or Network Admin ?


I think, it all is system administration. All the services enumerated are networking services, but, i think, network administrator works also with hardware (switches, routers, cables).

Best regards,
Viktor V. Lubezniy
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Re: System or Network Admin ?

In all the cases you administering servers that need the network to perform their job, but bottom line is you are working with or configuring systems i.e. system administration.

Network admins work with the routers, swtiches, cables, etc that make up the network
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Re: System or Network Admin ?

It very depends on the size of the company and how the company define network/system administrator position.
In big company network administrator can spent 100 % of time for routers/switches things. But in small/medium company term system administrator is used in a rather generic way and system administrator can be responsible for network devices as well as for ActiveDirectory/Exchange.
But generally speaking, from your examples, I think 1, 2, 4, 5,6 - system administrator, 3 maybe network administrator as well (especially if Nortel/Cisco/another brands used as VPN/Radius,...), In p.6 if Cisco PIX used instead Microsoft ISA - it maybe network administrator scope too.
But again, it very depend on company policy and company structure and very often on company internal "politics games"
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Re: System or Network Admin ?

These definitions overlap in many ways. If your question is in relation to a job description, maybe these definitions will help.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"The term system administrator, abbreviated sysadmin, designates an employment position of those people responsible for running technically advanced information systems or some aspect of them. They often deal with the setup and maintenance of computers and networks. System Administators also work on more than just computers, such as the interaction between humans and technology, and the enhancement of business processes through technology.

The precise meaning varies. Organizations with very large or complex computer systems typically divide up computer staff according to specialization, in which case a system administrator is someone responsible for the maintenance of an existing computer system."

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The terms network administrator, network specialist and network analyst designate job positions of engineers involved in computer networks, the people who carry out network administration.

"Network administrators are basically the network equivalent of system administrators: they maintain the hardware and software that comprises the network.

This normally includes the deployment, maintenance and monitoring of active network gear: switches, routers, firewalls, etc. Network administration commonly includes activities such as network address assignment, assignment of routing protocols and routing table configuration as well as configuration of authentication and authorization â directory services.

It often includes maintenance of network facilities in individual machines, such as drivers and settings of personal computers as well as printers and such. It sometimes also includes maintenance of certain network servers: file servers, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems, etc.

Network specialists and analysts concentrate on the network design and security, particularly troubleshooting and/or debugging network-related problems. Their work can also include the maintenance of the network's authorization infrastructure, as well as network backup systems."