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Ti500 Graphics Card Problem

Barry Hunter
Frequent Advisor

Ti500 Graphics Card Problem


I own a Morpheus GeForce3 Ti500 and until recently it worked like a charm. However, a couple of days ago, my display suddenly started to corrupt (blocks of the screen trasnported to another part of the screen etc) It then began to dow this corruption as soon as the PC was booted.

I removed and saw the fan was not moving properly. Some work on the fan restored and and all was well for a few days. Now same thing has happened.

Is there anyway to adequately fix this card or it replacement time??

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many Thanks

Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Ti500 Graphics Card Problem


Contact the manufacturer and get a new fan. DO NOT use the card until you replace the fan. Hopefully it is not too late! When semiconductor chips overheat they can literally explode.

Make a great day!

Barry Hunter
Frequent Advisor

Re: Ti500 Graphics Card Problem


Thanks for the heads-up on this.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer in this case was 3dPower, who have long since gone under, along with the company that bought them a couple of years ago.

Are there standard graphix card fan kits that I can buy to replace it myself?

I have a geforce4 MX440 as a temp replacement but it's just not as good :(

Many thanks for your help.

Todd Wion

Re: Ti500 Graphics Card Problem

Try for a fan.

Any chance this could be a monitor problem? I would try connecting a different monitor to this card.

If the problem occurs on a cold boot of your system, then I would bet heat is not the problem.

Most of the fans on these Nvidia based cards are nothing more than show. A good heat sink on the chipset with adequate case air flow is more than enough for most users, unless you have the card overclocked etc.