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USB sim card reader not working

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USB sim card reader not working

I have a dx6100, i also bought a SIM card reader. I get an error whenever i try to read from the SIM card (windows XP sp2). it works fine on a vectra VL800 pc. reinstalling windows XP SP2 did not help. I tried it on a windows 2000 (dx6100 also) and got the same error. In the windows report it says that the xxxx.exe which is the driver installer for the SIM reader is giving the error. The PC have the latest BIOS and the "USB fix" from HP. also the latest USB driver. Any idea?

Re: USB sim card reader not working

Does the 'driver installer' generate the error while trying to install, or do you get this error when you plug in the reader? It sounds like you get the error when you plug in your sim card. Did you install the drivers without the reader present? Try to uninstall the driver for the sim card reader, then after re-booting and before plugging in the card reader install the driver software, the when the reader is plugged in it will find the correct driver. I assume you're using the latest and greatest release of the sim card reader driver software.