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Unexpected Win32 error

Zack Brown
Occasional Visitor

Unexpected Win32 error

I have just upgraded to a new HP Server. The only software that runs on this
box is NT Server 4.0 SP 5, Exchange 5.5 SP3, and Groupshield 4.04. I was
installing the HP way i.e. with the navigator CD and all of that good stuff,
but I did not want to install of the services that came along with the install
so I backed out of the install. This was a big problem because it partially
installed some of the services and some DMI software and it tried to install
the HP Agents. Now, my server is experiencing problems with an unexpected
win32 error. I have uninstalled all of the HP agents which has uninstalled all
of the HP services. The server is still having problems. When the server
experiences the unexpected win32 error, the MS Exchange IS stops and can not be
restarted unless the Exchange Server is rebooted. This is a real problem.
Phil Malencsik_1
Occasional Visitor

Re: Unexpected Win32 error


Did you re-apply the service pack for NT after the uninstall? If not, you may
want to try that.

You may also need to do the same for Exchange.