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Unread E-mail message

Joel M Rubel
Occasional Visitor

Unread E-mail message

I am using XP HE, and on the welcome screen, there is a message saying that I have an unread e-mail message and when I log on and open Outlook, there is no new message. The profile this is happening to is my admin. logon so I cannot delete it. Can anyone help in getting rid of the message?
Jane Lecian
Valued Contributor

Re: Unread E-mail message

One thing you could try would be to create yourself a second admin account. Then login as that account, and delete the profile from the first account. I would make sure your didn't have any files that you needed saved under the admin account before I deleted the profile. Also make sure you know all the settings for Outlook so you can reconfigure it once you remove the admin profile. Now log back in as the first account, and let it recreate the profile.


Occasional Visitor

Re: Unread E-mail message

I have seen this before, mainly on accounts that are shared by mulitple users.

The solution:
If you have the Exchange server 2nd CD with the client packs, install the DOS client for Exchange. You should be able to find the message and delete it.

Or, you can try any alternative email client, eudora or something like that.

Hope this helps! :)