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Re: Upgrading the processor of a HP Pavilon 8240

New Member

Upgrading the processor of a HP Pavilon 8240

I have a HP Pavilon 2840 233mhz processor. I want a new processor without
getting into the whole motherboard replacement thing. I really want a 500mhz
AMDk6-2 processor, is that possible, or what is the maximum processor i can
upgrade to without a motherboard, of if i need a new motherboard to get a
5oomhz computer, which one is compatable with an AMDk6-2 500mhz processo, thank
you, Royal Merrifield, merrifield@webzone.net
Regular Advisor

Re: Upgrading the processor of a HP Pavilon 8240

Hello Royal,

I'll include a link for you below to the spec's for the processor in the
Pavilion 8240. It looks like it can be upgraded, but if you want to double
check that you should post a message in the Pavilion User Community Forum at
http://forum.support.hp.com. They can give you the definitive word.

If you want other spec's for your Pavilion, just go to the main HP website,
www.hp.com, then click on the Drivers icon on the left. Follow the pull-down
menu's for your product, and it will take you to a page where you can get
software, drivers, and technical information, specs, faq's, etc.