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View EXE

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View EXE

Is there any tool so that i can view the exe file . Or how to debug the exe info ....
and what is the command of gdb debuggger and when it is used ...
With regds,
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Re: View EXE

Hi Subrato,

".exe" files are used in MS Windows systems, but not in any UNIX system, codefiles for one operating system cannot run under a totally different one.
So for *viewing* "*.exe" files you'll need a windows system with a development kit installed (and including a debugger).

But sometime JAVA applets are actually named "something.exe" (like HP OpenView Network NodeManager does). Those cannot be easily *uncompiled* or diassembled (AFAIK the development of "mocha" has been stopped some years ago) - you would need the JAVA sources to make any changes...

Anyway, we do need a little bit more information about your problem, like operating system, output of "file" and "what" , and why you need it/what you need...

Happy new year,
Ron Kinner
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Re: View EXE

In order to view a .exe file you need a hex editor. You can get a free one at:

This will let you look at the files but I'm afraid it won't help you too much. .exe files are compiled which means that they are in machine language. Since you have to ask, it is unlikely that viewing them will do you much good. About all you can do is see the clear text strings which are embedded in the code. You won't be able to see what the code does unless you reverse compile it which is not a simple job. Reverse compiling is a slow process of changing the binary code step by step back to the assembly language. Assembly language is not particularly useful either and takes someone with a lot of experience to read.

gdb is used when you have the source code. It will not work with a binary (.exe).

Documentation on gdb is at:

As the other reply suggested, if you can tell us what .exe file you are concerned with including the exact version and what hardware and operating system you have we might be able to offer more help. Also please explain exactly what error you are getting with the .exe.

Artyom Voronchihin
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Re: View EXE

Hello !
As it was said previously you need hex editor. One of the most powerful editors (HIEW) you can get at Here is overview of features:
view files any length in text, hex, code modes
executable files for Win32, OS/2, DOS
Pentium-IV(R) dissasembler & assembler
AMD 3DNow!(R) dissasembler & assembler
support executable format file NE,LE,LX,PE,ELF(little-endian)
support Netware Loadable Modules NLM,DSK,LAN,...
one-touch-jump for direct call/jmp instructions in any executable file
built-in small decrypt/crypt system
built-in powerfull calculator
any length block operations: read, write, fill, delete, insert, copy, move
multifile search/replace
editor for newexe-headers

Include utilities:
for detail dump NE/LX/LE/PE/ELF modules
for split/join dual executable files (MZ,NE,LX,LE,PE)
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