Voodoo3 2000

Colin Poon tip
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Voodoo3 2000

First off, sorry I put this message in the wrong forum previously;)

I have a HP Pavilion 4535 desktop PC, and am trying to upgrade it for Windows
2000 pro. I managed to pull off the drivers from the site and everything seems
to be ok. The COM2 port is still not active, but that's not what I'm looking
for. The problem is with my Voodoo3 2000 PCI graphics card. When it's in my
machine windows 2000 hangs at the start up splash. I've pulled the new Win2K
drivers off of the 3DFX site, and was hoping that would fix it, but it hasn't.
There site indicates a BIOS update needed, but I already use what the site
provided. Mind you the "video" bios update isn't for Win2K. Does anyone have an
answer to this yet?? Please let me know so I can get back to developing games;)

Jamie Hughes_1
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Re: Voodoo3 2000

Hi Colin,

There aren't any known problems on the Microsoft side with this card and W2K.
It sounds like a bad driver and/or firmware. You will need to follow up with
3dfx about the driver and problem you're having. They have a message forum
with quite a few postings regarding Windows 2000. I didn't have time to read
thru all the postings but you should check it out. You'll probably see a
greater distribution of folks using that card that might be able to help you
out if you post in their forum.

Best regards,
Jamie Hughes