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WinPE Pagefile and nc6400 Laptop Problem

Andrew Duckworth
Occasional Contributor

WinPE Pagefile and nc6400 Laptop Problem

Hi all

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but didn't know where to post it.

I have a problem with our automated system build. It uses WinPE (compiled from Win XP SP2 and booting from DVD) to build our systems to a corporate standard.

This works fine on all our current HP / Compaq kit. However, on an nc6400 laptop, it does wierd stuff.

On boot, it decides that it needs a pagefile, which it then creates on the C:\ drive. This then makes it impossible for the system to build the computer using our images as the WinPE pagefile stops any disk operations (format etc).

Does anyone know why an nc6400, with more than adequate resources (512MB ram, SATA drivers slipstreamed into WinPE) would decide to create a pagefile when an nx8220 (with 128MB and an IDE drive) doesn't?

Or does anyone know how to disable pagefile creation completely in WinPE?

I don't care about running out of resources at build time, as I can use this lack of resource to justify hardware upgrades.

Any help etc would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance