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Windows 2000 fails to detect the K56/flex modem

Sunil Bhagwat
Occasional Visitor

Windows 2000 fails to detect the K56/flex modem

I am trying to set up Windows 2000 on my new HP Pavilion 8670C PC. I have a ITU
V.90 K56/flex modem in the PC.
Recently I tried to install Windows 2000 on the PC. It fails to detect the

I tried to set up using a generic 56kbps modem without any success. Any help
will be appreciated.

Jamie Hughes_1
Regular Advisor

Re: Windows 2000 fails to detect the K56/flex modem

Hello Sunil,

I'm sorry you're having problems with your modem and Windows 2000. HP has just
released a driver for the Chameleon Modem for the Pavilion 8670 (North American
model only). I'm not sure if that is the same model as the modem you currently
have (ITU?). I believe the Chameleon is the modem that shipped in the 8670, or
it's the only model that the driver is released for at this time.

If you have the Chameleon modem, you can try the driver from the HP website.
I'll include the link for you below. PLEASE NOTE: This is a BETA driver and
is not supported by HP at this time. HP will be supplying more Windows 2000
drivers in the next few weeks.

Jamie Hughes