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Windows XP - Pro

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Windows XP - Pro


How do you reformat a hard drive with Win XP - Pro on it? I am unable to unistall it from windows and I cant get the DOS prompt to appear at start up.

Roger Faucher
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Re: Windows XP - Pro


There are several ways:

1. If you plan to install a Microsoft OS, you have the option during Setup of deleting the old partition, creating a new one and formatting it (FAT, FAT32, or NTFS, depending on OS), or

2. If you have a WIN98 Boot Floppy, you can boot to it and run FDISK to delete and re-create the partition, then run FORMAT C: or FORMAT C: /S to format the HDD or format it and make it bootable (/S).



PS: If you have no boot floppy, you can download boot disks from the WWW. Let us know.
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Re: Windows XP - Pro

Jon Finley
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Re: Windows XP - Pro

If you don't have a boot disk, you can download an image from here:
http://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm and pick your flavor.

Change your BIOS setting to boot to floppy first, and insert the disk.

Use FDISK to remove the partitions.

Reboot, then use fdisk and format (if needed at this point) to create a new partition, and format the disk (format C: /s).

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