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automatic disconnect

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Anna Beth Kozusko
Occasional Visitor

automatic disconnect

I have a Compaq Presario laptop. Every time I close the monitor, it automatically disconnects my wireless connection. How can I change this to remain connected at all times?
Joseph Loo
Honored Contributor

Re: automatic disconnect

hi anna,

once u have choosen to close the screen which should activate the standby button.

u may refer to the Power Options in Control Panel if there r any properties not to do so.

what you do not see does not mean you should not believe
Edgar Zapata
Esteemed Contributor

Re: automatic disconnect

This is an answer I gave on a very similar issue.


Run desk.cpl
Screen Saver tab | click on Energy
Advanced Options, you'll see a frame asking you what to do when you close the case of your laptop.
check that out.

hope it helps.
Honored Contributor

Re: automatic disconnect

YOu can also adjust the advanced properties of the network card (in the network control panel) so that "power save" is disabled.