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cursor jumps around

Tony Fang
Occasional Contributor

cursor jumps around

I have HP omnibook xe2 dc. The problems I have is inside word or editor the cursor will jump around. I have no clue what to do. I saw
a message posted for "mad cursor". How do I remove one driver. Please tell me the procedures. Thanks a lot.

David Lee_11
Occasional Visitor

Re: cursor jumps around

I had an erratic cursor problem with a new HP/Compaq nx9005.

Cursor moved randomly when using a PS/2 mouse - usually (but not always) to the top-right of the screen and frequently made spurious left and right mouse clicks. Meant that applications were being closed without warning if maximized or context sensitive help (the dratted paperclip in Word97!) was being launched.

Problem was due to incorrect driver version pre-installed and on recovery disk.

Solved by downloading latest Touch Pad driver from the Synaptics web site.

Similar driver problems with other hardware.

Pre-installed display driver was totally the wrong version - attempts at 'Fast User Switching' always resulted in loss of display driver registration. Version on recovery disk was different but still incorrect. Problem solved by downloading driver from HP nx9005 page. This was labelled as the original driver and so should have been the same as pre-installed!!!

Bruno Ganino
Honored Contributor

Re: cursor jumps around

This is address for update your model, see:
Torino (Turin) +2H