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dvd drive not getting detected

Occasional Visitor

dvd drive not getting detected

I have a compaq presario v4118AP laptop.
The other day i was installing a software when my cousin accidently nudged the laptop vary hard.It kept on working fine then.
But after restarting the system the optical drive stopped getting detected. On switching on the system the led of the drive indicates that the optical drive is getting power. The vibrations of the revolving head can also be felt.The cd dosent autorun.
And also there is no cd-dvd drive icon in My Computers window.And there's no entry for the drive in the Device Manager.
I tried several times ejecting the drive and then reinserting it. After several attempts it started getting detected.But again after two days the problem surfaced. When i insert a bootable cd the system dosent boot from it as there is no messages as "press any key to boot from cd" is displayed. In my system's bios the boot order is Atapi cd/dvd,then hdd.
Also when i try to access the drive through nero it says no cd/dvd drive detected.
Please help me as i have a lot of data on the system to be backed and i need the drive desperately.
Please help someone.
Yamini Oberoi
Jorge Pinto Leite
Respected Contributor

Re: dvd drive not getting detected

Hi Yamini

The DVD or the DVD connectors are probably damaged. Can't you get an external one?
Mark Morgan
Regular Advisor

Re: dvd drive not getting detected

Hello, Yamini

You should try an external. That sounds like the best solution or buy another internal.
I would try an external first since the system may be damaged.

Good Luck

Rich S
Honored Contributor

Re: dvd drive not getting detected


After you get the physical connection cleared up, you may have to reload the device driver. There is a firmware update here:


Laptop homepage:〈=en&cc=us


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Mark Morgan
Regular Advisor

Re: dvd drive not getting detected

Hello yamini

Did you get it fixed? Just curious and hope you do.